1. Share your passion with the kids

“If you have or love the “big one”, let your kid drive the “small one” with your same passion…”

The Pedal Car becomes the starting point of your story telling. Share with the kids your past adventures, trips and feelings. Let your kids understand your passion. Talk to them, play with them.

2. Help your Kids to Learn How to Play

“See the world with different eyes every day…”

We focus on fun as a way to see the world with different eyes, discover something new every day and play together with friends and family.

A Pedal Car is perfect in any playground, involving little drivers to explore the world around, as well as in the most modern living rooms or decorating shop windows and showrooms.

3. Drive Safely, Be Healthy!

“Have fun and move yourself: Let the kids leave the Consolle at home…sometimes.”

A Pedal Car connects the words Play and Move and helps your kids grow healthy. The more they move, the better they move, the more it’s fast. (Just pushing an accelerator is not enough for real fun and 6V cars are so slow…)

A Pedal Car increases the ability to coordinate movements.

A Pedal Car is Safe. No risk comes from exhausted batteries, wires, radio frequency or engines overload.

A Pedal Car is “Under Control”, no Remote Control can drive the kids into dangerous places.

4. Pedals are definetely “Green”!!!

“Mother Earth needs care!!!” Pedal Cars respect the environment.”

You do not need energy to recharge batteries. A Pedal Car is “Zero Emissions”.

No Batteries to be produced now and recycled in the future when exhausted

No Electronic PCB to be produced now and recycled in the future

No Radio Frequency

Our Pedal Cars are made of iron and plastic (PP and PE) and are 100% recyclable.

5. Easier Life for Parents

“A nice moment for the whole family”

Pedal Cars do not need to be recharged. When the kid is ready, they are ready.

Pedal Cars are lighter than Battery operated Cars. Easier to carry.

Pedal Cars are lot less noisy. They can be used in apartments without disturbing neighbors so much.

Pedal Cars are simpler than electric cars. So, lot less technical problems.

Pedal Cars last forever, even if they stay in the attic for years.